Culture en Noir et Blanc collection and my personal take on the collection

You’re probably wondering what we mean  Oh well they’re French words if you already figured. Our love for black and white paying good attention to our beautiful customers of all colors and race influenced us in this collection. Black and White culture was an incredible collection to work on especially with our intentions to blend our culture and ethnicity anyway possible. We do hope you not just love this pleaser but also help us please you.

Take your time to appreciate these designs we showcased at the Nigerian Students Fashion and Design Week and read my personal take on this trail blazing collection and  experience at the bottom.

N.B Endeavour to read through my comments at the end.

                                                  LOOK 1: TIMI

                                                    LOOK 2: CHVKS DUNGAREE et TIMI SLEEVELESS
                                                LOOK 3-  BYRON CAPE
                                                               LOOK 4 – DEMI JACKET
                                             LOOK 5: DEMI JACKET et WHITE DUNGAREE
                                                      LOOK 6-  ADE
                                                          LOOK 7 – BELLA DRESS
                                                 LOOK 8-  THE OBARI SET
                                                             LOOK 9- TAMARA DRESS
                                                  MIDE-AKINS x ASAKE
                                                LOOK 8- (ASAKE) ANKARA PATCHED PALAZO DUNGAREE
                                                         LOOK 9- THE MIDE-AKINS SET
                                                    LOOK 10 – TEKENA
                                                                  LOOK 11 – PHOEBE DRESS
Personally, I love the collection and I can’t wait to pull off some of these outfits and just shed light on how well they’ll look. The best part of each outfit is how well they can be styled into so many pieces once you’re well informed. This was really exciting because as designers we restricted ourselves to majorly black and white and made sure we didn’t lose our essence. Another Fundamental part of this is how easy these outfits can work for different events ~ a brunch, casual outing with friends, office, an award show.
It was really good working on this especially the exhibition at the Nigerian Students Fashion and Design Week and i’ll forever say it was an honour given me by God and i appreciate everyone who made this possible for my partner (@tamaradoubrah) and I. Aunt Christy you’re the best. I mean the support from family and friends is just crazy and mind blowing, God bless you guys.
Photography by Tamaradoubrah
Designed by Samuel Ojo and Tamaradoubrah

Male: Ben
Female: Layefa



Finally i’m posting and i’m truly sorry, but trust me you’re gonna enjoy this one. I’m sure by now you’re already familiar with tamara, the beauty and brains behind my good pictures.


@tamaradoubrah on instagram, isn’t just a photographer but also my partner. Together we’re the CEO Creative Directors at Ebibide Nigeria, so yeah we’re fashion designers and you guys should totally check out our work @ebibide on instagram and




Tamaras piece can be worn in three different ways as displayed in the first picture and this is important when spicing up your look especially when considering , wearing it at different events without making it look old. I can also pull off my outfit without the cape and look spot on, i mean look at that shirt, i’ll kill that in so many ways.










We both designed our outfits ourselves and apparently it turned out to be capes. This was really an unforgettable day and we sure looked good. To be honest my piece isn’t an easy one for just anyone to pull off but i had it going for me. An important note in fashion is looking good and making sure you feel comfortable, make sure you can carry whatever you’re wearing even if its a total risk. OWN IT!!


Remember MideAkins ! He slayed too



Don’t forget guys OWN IT!! Did i mention our new collection is out and it’s called CULTURE EN NOIR ET BLANC and i’ll post that up soon, we displayed it at Nigerian students fashion and design week, Trust me you guys would love it.

Outfits: @ebibide  Click Here

My chelsea boots by @19th_shoes on instagram

Photography: @ayoade_ and Olafimihan


Ebibide meets Dandy and Epiphany

It was an honor to work for Ebibide on this ensemble and as well right beside the beautiful Grace Gigi. So basically Ebibide hi-jacks Beautiful Epiphany (Grace Gigi) and Quirky Dandy ( Samuel Ojo). The Hot part about it is we got our own custom made Dandy jacket (male) and Zephyr jacket (female)
P.S I had nothing to do with the name but i’m truly honored.

Epiphany pairs the Zephyr jacket with a hot white print shirt, Blue jeans and red flats… Hot! I know. and then the shades can’t be left out. Then Dandy on the other side paired the Dandy jacket with a Next Black and White check shirt, Ash jeans and Brown brouges. The print shades were good too and a little edge with the neck piece.
The Door Frame seemed very conceptual in the series, pardon my enthusiasm.

sam 15184 x 3456



sam 12783 x 4072

sam 12498 x 4796






sam 15184 x 2870




Photography by the Awesome TamaraDoubrah Ogunuku (@tamaradoubrah on instagram)
Both Jackets available at Ebibideng (@ebibide on instagram) at Very Affordable prices

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You People Are Far Too Kind!!!!!

On The EDGE (Athleisure)



I’m sure you are all familiar with the entire David and Goliath bible story…. This isn’t a story but my little description of the ON THE EDGE casual series MIDEAKINS and i embarked on. Lets forget about Dandy for a minute and lets get to know MideAkins (@mideakins on instagram). MIDE is a style Enthusiast like you already know and he’s really passionate about his fashion statement, maybe one of the most conscious true to his style gentleman i know -MY DESCRIPTION!


So why did i call MideAkins Goliath?? Obviously you know now judging from the pictures. Mide is about 6feet 5inches, now thats alot!!!! so maybe i’m a little intimidated beside him!
Once again (@tamaradoubrah on instagram) captured this series.


In our attempt to casualise a two piece suit. Mide has got on a baseball jersey in his sky blue suit with a few details, a boston face cap and his Adidas superstar in the game. I for one love the colors. Dandy beside him got on a camouflage armless and pocket square paired in an ash brown suit and an NY face cap and Everlast shoes. I know a REBEL when i see one and i’m certainly innocent so forgive Mides Tote bag off











The Athleisure Trend Rocks. I’ll love to see you own it.





Adidas Bleed-Out

Adidas Bleed -Out


So I woke up one blessed morning to see my uncle in this awesome Adidas T- shirt, yeah?? It didn’t take a second to decide I wanted it and immediately I jumped at him in words of how I would love to have it. Guess what happened next?? **Drum Row** He went in, took it off and gave it to me. Oh yes!!! You can’t possibly phantom how I felt…. I could close my eyes and see tons of ways I’ll pull it off.

Moral Lesson: Bleh to all of y’all who just take it and run. OLE!!!! That disqualifies you for next time.

So my photographer, CEO EbibideNG clothing (@ebibide on instagram) who happens to be a close friend of mine (@tamaradoubrah on Instagram) came around and we did a little dungaree series “Quest for Dungarees” She’s got on her dungarees matched with a vintage shirt and a basket knitted hat with an Adidas Superstar and I got on my ripped dungarees and my Adidas Bleed-out t-shirt with my Red Genk shoes (off

And then my second Adidas Bleed-Out compilation was at school, Crawford University. My awesome friend and photographer also a student here (@bam.y on instagram) is responsible for these awesome pictures. I featured a friend (@aikhuemelo on instagram) and he’s got on a camo printed dansiki and fedora hat with a Nike canvas and I got on my very own DANDY JACKET off EbibideNG and a blue pants and a grey monkstrap (19thshoes off instagram)


Thank you all for the exam wishes, God bless.

Did I mention that the EDGE URBAN COLLECTION is OUT!  Check it out now    Click HERE